The CFM ISA Discount Service

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Chelmsford Financial Management LLP (CFM) offers an ISA Discount Service designed for the confident investor who knows the type of ISA and fund in which s/he wants to invest.

All business is done on a 'direct offer/execution-only' basis. This means that we do not offer advice on whether the  ISA investment is suitable for your circumstances. See Execution-only Statement.

The CFM ISA Discount Service enables you to buy funds at a cheaper rate than if you bought directly from the provider. The CFM ISA Discount Service offers zero initial commission on transactions in funds within an ISA. It is because we offer no advice that we are able to offer maximum discount. The trail commission we receive covers the costs of processing your investment business and an annual review invitation.

The CFM ISA Discount Service has two easy ways in which to choose your funds:

1.    I want to make my own investment choice

Select from 1100 different funds and from over 60 leading fund managers through Fidelity's FundsNetwork Supermarket. You can have all your funds on one platform with one valuation.

2.    I want to choose from CFM's Top Rated Jupiter Funds

Funds and Discounts  ISA Application Checklist  Buy an ISA  Frequently Asked Questions  Execution-only Statement

By downloading the Jupiter Stocks and Shares ISA Application below you are confirming that you have read and accepted the Client AgreementKey FeaturesFactsheet, and  Execution-only Statement

Download the Jupiter ISA Application Form 2011/12  and Jupiter ISA Transfer Application 2011/12

None of the information on this part of the website is intended as a personal recommendation. If you are in doubt whether the ISA described is suitable for you, you should contact CFM for independent financial advice. Please contact us via How to Contact Us.

Our aim is to make the discount broking investment process as smooth as possible by providing a professional and efficient service. CFM will act as your agent on your investment so that it is set up correctly.

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